Tyrosinase Reduction Serum

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  • A serum for hyperpigmented skin
  • May inhibit skin tyrosinase activity
  • The skin appears lightened
  • Skin tightening and smoothing properties


Alternative Medical Tyrosinase Reduction serum.   The highly active tyrosinase reduction serum can inhibit the tyrosinase activity of the skin and reduce pigment irregularities with the help of a zinc ingredient. The skin appears slightly lightened. The active ingredients AQUAFILL™ and Dermican ® stimulate collagen synthesis, have firming properties and ensure a more even complexion. Specifically developed for skin with uneven pigmentation, additional anti-aging effect. Can inhibit the tyrosinase activity, reduces pigmentation disorders, the skin is slightly brightened, skin tightening and smoothing properties

30ml x2

1. Apply morning and evening on the hyperpigmentation carry on and rub in.
2. The amount depends on the size of the application area.

Note: Please use the morning then a day cream with SPF, depending on skin type use.

AQUAFILLTM, Dermican, Zinc Glycine

Alternative Medical


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