X-TREME Age Stop SPF 25

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X-Treme Age Stop SPF 25
•skin bright effect and UV Protect.

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X-Treme Age Stop SPF 25 promotes cellular skin repair. Special cream for day care for skin prone to excessive pigmentation.The cream contains arbutin ( bear berries leaves), and nasturtium. Normalizes the synthesis and distribution of uneven pigmentation, melanin pigment in the skin, prevents the formation of pigment spots. Provides reliable protection against UV radiation

All skin, but especially mature, demanding skin, needs special care to restore the balance between water, oil and moisturizing factors. Special phases of hormonal changes lead to a loss of building substances. To compensate for these deficiencies, the active ingredient compositions of the X-Treme products have been precisely adapted to the individual functions of the skin. Valuable plant oils naturally compensate for lipid deficits.

Silk proteins form a protective shield and give the skin an excellent feeling, ceramides close gaps in the skin barrier, improving the skin’s elasticity and firmness and counteract moisture loss. Innovative combinations of active ingredients provide the skin with a protective shield against various environmental influences to which the skin is always exposed. Regeneration processes are supported.The problem of pigmentation disorders was newly included in the series and corresponding products were developed.


How to use: apply in the morning on the face, neck and décolleté on top of the Whitening Intensive Serum and moisture cream.

Ingredients : Arbutin, nasturtium extract, palm and geranium oils, benzyl salicylate, UV filter.





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